Traveling; the answer to a fear-free life!


Last month, we all got the news about the Lebanese Prime Minister’s forceful stay in Saudi Arabia and the threats that followed it. People were scared, we didn’t know what to expect. Some said all hell is going to break loose, others weren’t that worried. After all, the Lebanese have gone through a lot, through worse things, that they’ve just learned to deal with the fact, and continue living.

This event gave me the chance to think. Think about my fears, the things that are keeping me away from living life the way it’s meant to be lived. And, I realized fear kills the joy of life. By being afraid, you’re just keeping yourself away from things that will bring meaning to your life. And for what? After all. By being afraid, are you going to be able to change what is meant to happen?

So, I came to a conclusion…

Travelling will break your fears, and bring a sense of freedom into your life.
What’s traveling? It’s seeing new places, meeting strangers, and experiencing odd and unknown things. All these will help you feel good about yourself, feel confident, because you get to know the mentality of others, understand their lifestyle, which will fill the gap of the unknown in you.


Travelling shows us the beauty and the danger of every place on Earth.

It’s like looking at both sides of the coin and looking at the full part of the cup instead of the empty one and seeing the good in bad. Millions of people are afraid of traveling to the Middle East. The exact place where we live, enjoy our lives, and have fun! Travel websites have warning banners highlighting the dangers of traveling to the Middle East. But, should people be limited to that news? Or should they discover the region themselves, and see the beauty that is hidden under the storm of war, bombs, and terrorism.

Travelling will prove to you that you’re brave!

Afraid of heights? Ride on the world’s longest zip-line in Armenia. Scared of water? Dive in The Great Blue Hole in Belize. Travelling gives you the chance to enjoy every moment and break loose from your fears.

Travelling teaches us equality.

Travelling sheds the light on the fact that we are all the same; simple creatures on Earth. We all laugh, cry, have fun and get mad on simple things in life. Despite our race, nationality, and religion, we all basically live in the same way!

You’re not living if you’re living in fear. Travel, explore, get hurt, learn valuable lessons, and overcome your fears. This is the answer to a peaceful world, a world, where we understand we need each other to live!



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Nayri Kechichian is a blogger who has majored in Communications and Public Relations at the American University of Armenia and has a diploma in Travel & Tourism from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Her passion is writing about travel, home, beauty, and DIYs! Being a people person, she loves to communicate with everyone that she comes across. So, if you have anything in mind that you want to read about or things you want to ask her personally, do not hesitate to contact her. She'll be more than happy, be sure of that!

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