How to Keep Your Dog Stylish & Well Groomed


Every dog owner considers his or her pet as a member of the family. If you love to bring your dog to any social gathering or the usual stroll at a local park, why not use as inspiration the following pet supplies that will make him or her looking cool and stylish.

  • Dog Winter Jacket

The chilly months of winter should not prevent you and your dog from going out for a short walk at a local park. Even how thick the fur of your dog, it’s best to invest in a dog winter jacket like the Bestanx Small Dog Puppy Warm Winter Sweater with a hoodie. This particular pet product is specifically designed for small to medium built dogs including puppies. The dog inter jacket with a hoodie is waterproof, plus the fabric made is from a top quality cotton blend. When worn your dog will surely feel comfortable, warm and extremely cool with any of the available shades (black, rose, army green and purple).

  • Dog Boots

A dog’s outfit wouldn’t look good without a pair of shoes. If you want your dog to become a head turner among other pet owners strolling their furry companions, then, buy the dog boots. Yes, I reckon the dog boots from the trusted brand QUMY will impress every onlooker. Why? Aside from the boot’s unique design, these awesome dog boots provide the level of protection against sharp objects, thorns including hot pavement. Rest assured that your dog’s feet are safe regardless you are heading for a short or long stroll at night. The boots are made from a durable fabric material, with delicate embroidery and hand washable.

  • Dog Outfit

Another stylish pet apparel that any dog owner should consider for winter months is the dog outfit – Neartime Dog Coat Jacket of Teddy clothing. What makes this dog outfit a standout? It’s crafted to add distinction to any dog or puppy breed. Teddy clothing collections offer a wide range of dog clothes from Yorkie dog dresses, wedding dresses including clothes for adult dogs.

  • Dematting Comb

No dog would look cool with the unruly coat. If your dog’s breed exhibits long and thick haired like the Bichon Frise, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Pomeranian, Shetland Sheepdogs or Yorkers, the Dematting Comb is a suitable pet grooming buddy. Why? This dematting comb will keep those ugly tangles away, leaving your dog’s hair neat.

  • Deshedding and Grooming for Dog and Cat

Your dog’s hair is prone to shedding. If you want to ensure no unsightly hair falls over your living room couch, car set or floor buy the Deshedding and Grooming Tool Set. This grooming tool is designed to remove easily loose undercoat coat and it boosts blood circulation.

  • Nail Clipper for dog and cat

One of the pet supplies that should always be included on your dog’s grooming kit is the nail clipper. The nail clipper for dog and cat will keep your pet’s nails in modest length. The Professional Nail Clipper from Pet Republique is easy to use and made from stainless steel. So, no worries the blades of this nail clipper will cut precisely and not cause any harm to your dog or cat’s toes.

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