Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift? Check out our “Type of Mother” Gift Guide!


The pressure to win “#1 Daughter/Son” is starting to build as mother’s day approaches. Cherishing our mothers on this very special day is what we all aim to do. Now it’s pretty easy to verbally express our love and gratefulness with words, hugs, a flower bouquet and lots of kisses. But then comes the hard part: picking out the perfect gift. You want to get her something she needs, that she’ll make use out of, but something that also holds sentimental value.  

Leave it up to us at Beirut Shopping to make this whole process a lot easier for you, with a wide selection of gift ideas based on your own mother’s hobbies! All that’s left for you to do is pick out the product from our gift guide you think works best for her, place your order, and have it sent directly to your doorstep.

Of course, the Lebanese community has multiple types of mothers that i’m sure we can all agree on, so adjusting the gift options accordingly will surely do the trick!

“The Cook”

It’s a given that the majority of lebanese mothers if not all, are great in the kitchen. They seem to add a certain touch to the food which somehow makes it 10x better than any other 5 star fancy restaurant. We’ve picked out 2 items that your mother is guaranteed to love.

This cute “cheese and wine” apron comes in different designs that you can choose from.

These 10-pack pot holders are gonna keep your mother’s kitchen colorful while keeping her hands safe from the heat.

“The Athlete”

Some Lebanese mothers are obsessed with getting fit, working out, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

We’re more than sure that she will fall in love with this Puma Bag which is the perfect size to fit all her gym clothes.

You can even pair it with this water/sweat resistant Fitness Tracker, which has additional features that she’d definitely use, such as the sleep monitor and the step/calorie counter.   

“The Fashionista”

If your mom is super into fashion and would like to add something to her jewelry collection, a Swarovski ring is a gorgeous and pretty affordable choice. You can even pair it with the matching earrings that we picked out, and select whether you want it to be platinum-plated, rose-gold-plated, or yellow-gold-plated. These personalized jewelry items are exactly what she would need to bedazzle her outfits!  

“The BusinessMOM”

It comes as no surprise that Lebanese mothers are very involved in the labor market, and many have thrived in their careers. You might not see them a lot due to their busy work schedule, but a successful woman is a powerful woman, someone to look up to!

To keep up with busy days, we suggested this “Agenda Planner” to help her track her many responsibilities.

A businessMOM is most likely always travelling as well, so we thought this Marble Passport Holder would come in handy and also add a touch of style to her luggage.

The last item we picked out for a working mom is the carphone holder, a necessity and a very helpful gadget that not only working moms need, but anyone with a license and a phone, especially driving on the Lebanese roads.

“The Pregnant Mom”

Pregnancy is very much a difficult time for a woman, and even more for a mother, with so many responsibilities and a hint of hormonal imbalances.

To help her look forward to the future, “The Fourth Trimester” is an excellent informative book discussing life postpartum and how to cope with all the changes.

If you want your mother to have a laugh and forget about her cravings, “The Shit No One Tells You About Pregnancy” is definitely your best option.

“The OCD Mother”

If your mother is someone constantly freaking out about how untidy your room is, making you fix your drawers and closet every other day, then she most likely falls under this type.

To make her happy organize, organize, and organize!

This underwear organizer is excellent to place in drawers and have all your delicates in clear sight.

You can also go for this purse organizer that would make your mom’s life easier, especially since Lebanese moms normally have the BIGGEST bags filled with the most random things!

Finally, a vanity organizer is a need for every woman, and this simple one with a white aesthetic is perfect to align perfume, makeup brushes, creams, and other products for everyday use.

Select your favorite item, buy some flowers, and get ready to shower your mother with love, and we guarantee she’ll have a Happy Mother’s Day!


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