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Living in Lebanon, we all struggle when it comes to finding product variety in stores or even in online stores that ship here. Either you can’t find the same product you want, or you eventually find it for double or triple the initial price.

With Beirut Shopping, our mission was to provide you with the widest product variety, highest quality, lowest prices, and fastest delivery. We’ve managed to makes this happen, but always aimed to expand our assistance when it came to online shopping.

This is how “” was born, a quick and easy way to shop online, specifically from Amazon, which holds over 3 billion products to choose from.

We wanted to make your lives even easier, and decided to create this extension that you can use to directly add products from Amazon to your cart and have everything right there in front of you, from prices, delivery cost, estimated time for delivery, and other advanced features that are very user friendly and customized to enhance your shopping experience.


  • Connects to your shopping cart;

Once you download the extension from the chrome store, you will be able to directly add any product you choose from Amazon to your cart on So in case you pick out something on Amazon that’s unavailable on Beirut Shopping, you can instantly add the item to your cart which will appear on

  • Automatically shows you the final price;

This is probably the greatest feature of all! Before you add the item to your cart, the delivery cost will appear right below its initial price. The delivery cost includes custom fees, taxes, and delivery cost. And the best thing about it? The final price you see is the exact price you pay; nothing more!

  • Allows you to check out and place your order on the spot;

Instead of contacting us to place an order for you, do it yourself and pick out the payment method that suits you.

  • Provides 3 Payment Methods

Credit Card, Cash on Delivery (free delivery), or pass by our office in Jdeideh, Pierre Gemayel Street and receive your package!

  • Fast Delivery

Your item will reach Lebanon in around 2-3 weeks only!

Check out our website to learn more or visit the “How It Works” page and get to shopping!


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