5 Small Electric Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have


You may be thinking, how the hell can everyone afford to have these 5 appliances in their kitchen? After all, kitchens vary in sizes, and not everyone can fit two, let alone five appliances in their limited space. But, trust me, getting these appliances will be worth your while and will save you time and energy while preparing your favourite dishes and desserts!

1. Food Processor

kitchen-appliances-food processor


Once you get a food processor, it will be an indisposable item in your kitchen. Food processors do everything from chopping, whipping, dicing, pureeing and blending your food. Think of it this way, by not having a food processor, you’re going to have to use a couple of different utensils to get a job done. So, dear ladies, a food processor will cut out your time and work for you!

 2. Hand Blender

Hand Blender-kitchen-appliances

I know what you’re thinking, “I have a food processor that can also blend whatever I want, why do I need to spend money and waste space on a blender?” Right?! Hand-held blenders are more quick and practical. Let’s say you’re cooking a soup and want to use a blender to get rid of the chunks. Is it better to pour the entire thing into a food processor, or use a hand-held blender and smooth everything while cooking in the pot? Of Course, the second option is more practical, faster, and easier to do!

3. Electric Mixer


This appliance will do miracles in your kitchen! Say goodbye to your whisk and hello to your mixer! This appliance can do anything from mixing cake batter, whipping cream and beating eggs.

4. Pressure Cooker

Whether you’re cooking beans or stubborn vegetables, a pressure cooker is the way to go! It will save you time and money; time, because it cooks faster than any other cooking method out there, and money, well, cause you save gas! In this era when many women are working and do not have much time to spend time on cooking decent meals, a pressure cooker will be something that will save the day!

5. Electric Kettle


You won’t know the importance of an electric kettle until you get one! Once available, it’s used all the time. It boils water 10 times faster than boiling water on gas, and it’s more energy and gas efficient, and won’t hurt our wallet!



What’s the one kitchen appliance you’ll never get rid of? What’s the one thing you use every single day?! Let us know in the comment below! 



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